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An Interview With Mike

About Us


"The camera captures what the eye chooses to ignore." 

Mike's love for photography started at the age of 8, observing the creative artistry of his uncle who was also a professional wedding and portrait photographer. Upon purchasing his first SLR camera at age 12, Mike began to teach himself the art of proper exposure, composition and juxtoposition. In later years, Mike would learn to master off-camera lighting to create the award-winning imagery he is known for today.

Along with being the recipient of WeddingWire's Couples Choice Award for 2015, Mike has earned numerous awards for his wedding photography from GooglePlus and in 2012 was accepted as a member of Best Top Photographer.com, a worldwide organization consisting of the very best photographers in their respective genres. Mike is also a member of, insured through and legally represented by Professional Photographers of America (PPA), the most prestigious organization for professional photographers in the industry.

More about Mike:

* Mike was selected to Best Top Photographer.com in January of 2014, one of only approximately 800 members worldwide and has served as a moderator and judge for some of the best photography in the world.

* Mike is a proud member of PPA (Professional Photographers of America), the most distinguished organization in professional photography worldwide

* Mike's photography is proudly displayed throughout  many local businesses and has also been published among various local and regional periodicals

* In his love for teaching, Mike offers in-person Workshops to help others cultivate their love for  photography

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